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Hi, I see you have deleted the posts from steam, I have not saved very many of my suggestions have been included, and I have also followed which version has been fixed but not completely my comments, because I have only almost edited there?
Also, 1000 characters is not a lot... I would write more but I don't have the character limit...

My current notice in the text file please add id to <t> tags "<t id="xxx">...
1. <g id="gameMode">
<t>Duel</t>,<t>Free For All</t>,<t>2V2</t>,<t>3V3</t>,<t>2V2V2</t>,<t>4V4</t>, <t>2V2V2V2</t>

2. <g id="game_modes">
<t>Duel</t>,<t>Free For All</t>,<t>Team 2v2</t>,<t>Team 3v3</t>,<t>Team 2v2v2</t>, <t>Team 4v4</t>,<t>Team 2v2v2v2</t>, <t>Free Teams</t>

3. <g id="game_generation_types">

4. <g id="team_placement_types">

5. <g id="game_visibilities">
<t>Public</t>,<t>Invite Only</t>,<t>Ranked</t>

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Comments: 13

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