Enemy AI in Conquest confused over attacking Jotnar

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The map: Protect weak Ally
Situation: There is a Jotnar camp. One enemy AI has 100% friend status with them, the other only around 25%.
The enemy AI decide to attack the Jotnar; both of the enemy AI clans gather up their armies and move in on the zone.
But the AI that has 100% friendship with them is their ally so only the other clan is actually fighting.

This resulted in a weird situation where one AI Clan kept sending insufficient armies to attack the Jotnar as the other Clan was just chilling out in the zone.
The warriors that the friend-clan sent just stayed in that zone indefinitely.

They kept standing even as I destroyed his ally and his own town hall.

I presume this bug happened because one of the AI decided "I want to clear this Jotnar camp" and pinged the other clan for help, as their total armies should've been able to deal with it.
I don't know if the AI can use the "Betray neutral faction", but if they can, it might have bugged as I interfered in the first attack.

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