Clan of the Ox - Massive performance issues after using Torfins Ram ability

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Multiplayer, Windows 10, DirectX

I don't know if it is reproducable in any game, but I had to force quit and reconnect twice because it happened again.

Played 2v2, Ox and Kraken vs Bear and Boar. I wanted to use the Ram ability, but as soon as I pressed R to use it, my game lagged for roughly a minute. After that, it ran at mostly 1-3, max 10 FPS max. Normally it runs at 60. Every other program I had running acted normal and responsive. Eventually I had to force quit, because it wouldnt get better. After restarting and rejoining the performance issues were gone. When I tried to use it again, same result as the first time. Restart and rejoin, after a while I accidentally used it again, instead of the Q ability, so it happened again.

I will play again tomorrow and see if it happens again.

Also: I tried it only on tiles with multiple buildings, wanting to ram the tower

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Comments: 9

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