Conquest Mode will Not Save Correctly and is Unplayable even with New Games or Mission Restarts

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This is not the same issue as a post titled Conquest / windows / DirectX - Bug where conquest wont load and gives black screen. One of my original submissions was incorrectly merged with that post.

Solo Conquest Windows 10 with both OpenGL and DirectX via steam. It is reproducible. All conquest progress has been reset and save system is not working correctly. Game reinstalled, computer reset, files verified with no change. Conquest loads sometimes produce the attached error and sometimes will just cause a complete game freeze. Trying to save sometimes results in an incomplete save with 'saving in progress' remaining on the screen and no save created. Sometimes trying to save will then show no save files existing.

This is happening whether starting a completely new conquest, restarting any given mission, or trying to access one already in progress.

Fixed Conquest save Suggested by: G Carson Upvoted: 05 May Comments: 24

Comments: 24

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