Cant play who I want in multiplayer custom map with my friend because we end up as another clan

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1. Peer-to-peer
2. Intel
3. DirectX
4. Simply load up the map as a mod, select the clan you want to play (they are already assigned to spesific teams in the map itself), and lastly watch as you end up as a different clan. Weirdly enough it says that my friend always surrenders as the Raven Clan, which leads me to believe that we somehow all default to the Raven Clan, then he instantly loses the game while loading because well there can only be one Raven Clan in that game, but that is just a theory of mine. Furthermore this does not occur in a version of the map where the clans are not assigned to a team from the get go, however this also means that my friend and I cannot play on the same team.
6. 1072382536. Map Size: Huge.

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Comments: 1

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