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When starting Northgard, two windows open up, the game itself and then this command like window that's all black. I never seen a game do this before.
The title of the black window is the drive where the game itself is stored. This happens whether or not direct or opengl is selected.

Secondly, when playing the game with or without the second window open you cannot make a save until the first autosave goes through automatically; otherwise the game is either stuck trying to save. Another thing that happens is when you are waiting for the save, but then try to cancel you can play the game but with the saving message mini box perma stuck in the middle of the screen. You're forced to quit and play a new one to get rid of it.

I have been able to save over previous save files, but never able to make a new one whatosever. You either wait for eternity, or with no save actually having happened with the saving mini message box perma stuck in the middle of the screen.

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Comments: 1

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