Double Ancient Spirit Cast Crashes My Game?

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This has now happened to me 3 separate times. I just verified my files before launching it, and trying again before the 3rd.

1) Multiplayer Mode against 2 AI & with 1 AI Teammate
2) Windows 10
3) DirectX
4) It would seem so!
-I start the game up as Kraken, & ally myself with Raven
-Upon getting enough Wyrd, I will cast Ancient Spirit to take out an enemy clan, usually 1 doesn't do it, so I cast it again once my last Spectral Warrior dies.
-A 2nd cast of Ancient Spirit defeats the clan I attacked (1st: Ox, 2nd/3rd: Wolf) & leaves Bear Clan standing
-About 30 seconds or less after they get defeated, my game freezes beyond repair. It becomes completely unresponsive, nothing works except the audio, I have to ALT+F4 or use Task Manager.
5) n/a
6) Happened across multiple map instances, and the freeze made it so I couldn't access the seed information, but all of the maps have been Huge, with resources split, and Allies spawned next to each other

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Comments: 1

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