Dear Shiro, I can't play Conquest and no one has replied EVER to me about this...

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I am playing Northgard on Steam. I have completed the first campaign and am almost done the 2nd. I have never played CONQUEST before so I figured I would try it, however no matter who I pick as a clan, I can't play. I click start. The usual Loading screen "LOading teerrain" etc etc. But then, the "full screen mode" shrinks, I can see my background programs, my mouse is stuck in a black box. Some weird sounds from the game and the black "program file" box that seems to always be there in background with northgard appears. I have to "Alt Tab" to get out of it and hit STOP program on Steam.

I have cleared Caches, reinstalled the game, reinstalled Steam. For some reason no matter what I do I can not play CONQUEST. This greatly makes me not want to even touch the game not. I have filed several tickets and have never got a response back, this is my last attempt. No clue where to go from here.

Thank you

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Comments: 3