Lion: Reliquary text inaccuracy, false debuff and buggy behaviour

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Reliquary texts still say that reliquary monks produce more faith which was nerfed in the Trials of Odin. Also it has a building debuff of -95% to healing for all monks in the area which is false I'm pretty sure because I really didn't notice any difference (which would be healing 20 times slower and should be noticeable).
Also reliquary monks seem to bug out completely upon certain kinds of situation. If you have more than 3 monks, while making a relic and there are injured colonists, relic production stops completely despite there are spare monks that do not heal (as of Trials of Odin "only 3 healing monks per monastery") and it looks visually buggy as all the monks seemingly try to heal stopping their animation over and over.

Fixed Animation Lion Text Unit Suggested by: Leenday Upvoted: 27 Jul Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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