Cross of Vidar - Chapter 4 - Mission gets stuck in the first Cutscene

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When I try and play the Chapter 4 of the Cross of Vidar Campaign after the Cinematic ends and Liv starts talking about her captured Village the game freezes after the second Dialog Window.
The line she says is "Cantivic has no means of producing food, and depends entirely on trade. I should keep an eye on my retail outlets.".
Then the camera pans over the the next Area and gets stuck and nothing else happens.
Music continues playing and Mouse can be moved, but nothing else works.
I've attached an image of the freeze frame.
This bug happened while running the game in OpenGL and DirectX.
It happens every time I start the mission.
I'm playing on Windows 10.

Fixed Crash Story 2 Suggested by: Myreek Upvoted: 16 Sep Comments: 25

Comments: 25

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