Burning sheepfold breaking rendering

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3 - DirectX
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Game went blackscreen just after I uncapped an AI Goat clan's tile. Oddly, entering Escape Menu renders a single frame. Units still have audio but movement commands do not go through. My Eagle clan hawks' audio starts going nuts as well.

More interesting: I waited to see if winter ending would fix it but something else happened. Once the buildings on the AI's tile were destroyed from burning the game started rendering again. My movement commands from earlier went through, too. So I attacked the Goat AI's town hall and rendering broke again. Waiting out the burning fixed rendering this time, too. More interesting: their Altar of Kings was still alive when rendering came back. Leading me to think specific a building's burning animation that's doing it.

Following that, I reloaded and attacked a tile with a sheepfold and the bug happened again.

Fixed Building Conquest Goat Multiplayer Solo Suggested by: lime-eater Upvoted: 02 Sep Comments: 68

Comments: 68

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