"Waiting for the server" issue after starting any MP game

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I am recently returned to Northgard. Played a lot b4 in multiplayer, all was fine (previous seasons). I Didn't even reinstalled the game since than. Now, after all patches i have issue with infinite loading and that message. So i tried to configure firewall, even reinstalled the game, after deleteng old firewall rules nothing helped. All other games on steam i can play without any troubles like Hunt Showdown, Apex, Dota. No problems on my side. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? It's happens on any mode (checked DX11 and OpenGL)
Bug looks like here https://imgur.com/KWCc2Uq , and the orange part constantly moving, but nothing happens.

Investigating Multiplayer Suggested by: MiSTiK Upvoted: 02 May Comments: 13

Comments: 13

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