Game freezes on battles on Multiplayer.

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Game screen freezes, but it is still possible to hear the game in the background running like there is no issue. It is not a sound loop since we could hear new things happening.
Replicated this 3 times, crashed on the same place (the battle).

Game Type: Northgard, 1v1, Lynx VS Stag, All win victories enabled.
The battle was mainly, if not all, Stag Einherjars VS Lynx trackers and spirt beasts.

The first time this happened, the game was able to catch up after freezing, fast forwarding how long was needed. That game was Stag VS Snake Vs Ox.

IMO: Something on the AI of the STAG clan might be causing it.

I will try to get a replay or something.

Dev Noted Multiplayer Suggested by: Eduardo Preto Upvoted: 12 May Comments: 18

Comments: 18