AI will never win a domination victory

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Dear Dev-Team,
like pointed out in other threads the AI is massively too easy. So I wanted to test it. I started a individual game: 1vs7, all 7 AIs on EXTREME and I did nothing. No new tiles, no buildings and so on. Just a lumberjack and healer in order to avoid death by nature. The seven extreme AIs attacked me first time in october 805. October 805! With this in mind, you will never loose a dominitation victory level vs AI. So every battle in Conquest is extreme boring, even a 1vs3 or 2vs6. Please change the AI back to the old one some years ago. They attacked in a 2vs6 with all units together, up to 30-40 units.

Approved AI Suggested by: Akiyama Upvoted: 24 May Comments: 3

Comments: 3