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When a shipwreck takes too much space on a small shore, you can not build a shipyard

The shipyard model always stays red and can not find enough space to be built
Suggested by: Hezz (09 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 02 May Comments: 7
Dev Noted Building

Lighthouse harbour relights on fire from raiders

I was playing raven multiplayer with a friend, I had my Harbour in one of my zones with a lighthouse on it, Another raven with javelins sent a raid on that zone. I ...
Suggested by: Bloodless (12 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 11 Feb Comments: 15
Dev Noted Building Raven

Hold the line spike barricade.

The ability for the end tier of the guardians military tree bugs out occasionally. It allows you to select it, place it in a territory but when your warcheif builds ...
Suggested by: Phil (26 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 20 Dec, '22 Comments: 3

Guardian : Spike barricades makes FPS go extremely low

When spike barricades spawn FPS go from 120-150 to 30-50 and don't recover, I need to restart the game and reconnect. But when someone spawns again the spike ...
Suggested by: nicolò (07 May, '22) Upvoted: 09 Jan Comments: 6

[Lion Kingdom] Emissary Lodge

Emissary Lodge is unavailable for Lion Kingdom, but AI can build and use all types of rivalaries against player
Suggested by: Klioma28 (13 Feb) Upvoted: 15 Feb Comments: 1
Dev Noted AI Building Lion

White texture, white building, ghost building on mouse over.

Latest version from Steam. Food silo (worked, never destroyed) become white, when you move cursor above it. I already send my save file to ...
Suggested by: Sergey (17 May, '22) Upvoted: 06 May Comments: 0
Dev Noted Building UI

Kingdom of Lion - farmers not working if farm updated near to the tile border

1 - Found it in solo play, but it`s building mechanic 2 - Windows 3 - DirectX 4 - Build foraging near to left border of the tile, upgrade it to farm, verify that ...
Suggested by: Dmytro (14 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 12 Jan Comments: 2
Investigating Building Lion

Guardian Military Tree - Spike Wall didn't place

Placed Spike Wall, it vanished and spike didn't deploy.
Suggested by: Foxo (10 May, '22) Upvoted: 15 Dec, '22 Comments: 2

Rat - Deplete mine and Dwarf task

As clan Rat I have an area where a depleted iron mine exists. Later in the game the Dwarf challenge starts and I move miners into the area where the deplete iron mine ...
Suggested by: DC (29 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 25 Sep, '22 Comments: 3
Dev Noted Building Event

Wrong teamcolor on upgraded Towers

The normal towers have banners in your teamcolor. When upgraded, this color changes always to red.
Suggested by: Azmac (23 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 15 Aug, '22 Comments: 2
Dev Noted Building Texture

Chapter 11 : Bifrost Defense Tower

v. GOG on Windows 7 x64 In the Bifrost Mission (Story Mode), the Defense Tower you start with is not selectable. Also, when destroyed it continues to ...
Suggested by: Igor (30 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 25 Jun, '22 Comments: 2
Dev Noted Building Story

AI Dragonkin get stuck in altars, like bodyguards get stuck

Conquest against clan of the Dragon. Many, but not all dragonkin got stuck in the altars, where they were mercilessly slaughtered by axes when I passed along. It's ...
Suggested by: Patrick (30 Apr) Upvoted: 24 May Comments: 1
Approved Building Dragon Unit

[Lion Kingdom] Double construction

Occasionally it happens that, if multiple workers construct a structure, that 2 structures of the same type will be constructed on top of another with the resource ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 1
Fixed Building Lion

[Lion Kingdom] structure placement issues

Almost all of the Lion Kingdom's structures suffer the issue that when they're selected and their placement marker (3d object selected) is moved close to the border ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Feb Comments: 1
Approved Building Lion

Lynx archery range display snowy graphics even after winter

1 Which game mode : Multiplayer 2 Operatin system : Windows 10 3 Playing with DirectX 4 Probably by playing Lynx and building camps 5 1 screen shot 6 2139460017 ...
Suggested by: Macouille (15 Apr) Upvoted: 18 Apr Comments: 0

[Lion Kingdom] Farmstead

FP = Foraging Post Worker issue: Farmstead and FP use the same worker type despite different resources and structures; should have their own each Rest: 1) ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Feb Comments: 0
Fixed Building Lion

[Lion Kingdom] Offering Well

A captured and repaired Offering Well works to improve relations with surrounding neutrals by +0.5 when playing as the Lion Kingdom while the tooltip states that they ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Feb Comments: 0
Fixed Building Lion

Hunters with no job

Multiplayer ranked 1x1. Windows 11, Dx12 Northgard v2.9.15.28099 Couldn't reproduce the bug, but it happend for the 2nd time. First hunter decided to rest after I ...
Suggested by: Zer (20 Oct, '22) Upvoted: 11 Nov, '22 Comments: 0
Approved Building Unit

Lord recruitable by everyone

If you colonize the land containing the building to recruit lords, you can recruit them with seemingly anyone. It says the building cant be used, but otherwise works ...
Suggested by: Mikmik505 (19 Jan) Upvoted: 19 Jan Comments: 1
Fixed Building Lion

Lynx Clan Lure Bugged if placed on allied Terrain

So I wanted to ttoll my friend, first time trying tje lynx clan and you know, you can place those lures to get waves of animals you have to defeat. So a placed on my ...
Suggested by: Tarus (19 Mar) Upvoted: 19 Mar Comments: 0
Dev Noted Building Lynx

Cross of Vidar - Mission 4 Cantivic -Anrdhmnir's kitchen doesnt upgrade storage when upgraded

Anrdhmnir's kitchen doesnt upgrade storage when upgraded.
Suggested by: Mace (15 Mar) Upvoted: 15 Mar Comments: 0

[Lion Kingdom] Altar of Kings

The Altar of Kings is usable by the Lion Kingdom by capturing it, repairing it and once it's repaired it grants its resource bonus of +1 food / wood / kröwns / faith ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 0
Dev Noted Building Lion

Visual Bugs with the Lion Kingdom

I found some visual bugs, especially for the building pictures in the tooltip in the bottom middle when you click on them. It happened in Singleplayer. Windows 10, ...
Suggested by: WilliamXVII. (14 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 14 Dec, '22 Comments: 0
Approved Building Lion

Taking an ally Forge's tile

I found something when doing Conquest's "Le Maudit" map (the one where you need to kill Valdemar), I took the raven's tile with his forge, and there was his relic ...
Suggested by: Zyro (06 Oct, '22) Upvoted: 06 Oct, '22 Comments: 0
Dev Noted Building

Boar Conquest: "Keep It Simple" scouting is broken

Building upgrades are disabled for this challenge, and special rules state it should be possible to scout enemy territory without an upgraded scout camp. But in my ...
Suggested by: radish_07 (03 Sep, '22) Upvoted: 03 Sep, '22 Comments: 0

Kraken Clan, fishermen ignore a collider

The fishermen of the kraken clan ignoring the mesh-collider of the town-hall. The nav-agent does not recognize that buiding. Maybe it is wrong taged or on a diffrent ...
Suggested by: Sir_X (19 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 19 Aug, '22 Comments: 0
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