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Kraken Fishermen getting stuck walking next to fishing hut

Fishermen get 'stuck' on the model of fishing huts when the huts are facing towards the left hand side of the screen (see hut in top left of picture) and the fish are ...
Suggested by: Dropkick Goose (09 May) Upvoted: 16 Jul Comments: 1
Approved Kraken Unit

Double Ancient Spirit Cast Crashes My Game?

This has now happened to me 3 separate times. I just verified my files before launching it, and trying again before the 3rd. 1) Multiplayer Mode against 2 AI & ...
Suggested by: Zaldriza (29 Mar) Upvoted: 29 Mar Comments: 1
Approved Crash Kraken

Hörgr description text bug: VillagerWoman

The description for the Hörgr includes the text VillagerWoman.
Suggested by: Sab (27 Aug) Upvoted: 27 Aug Comments: 0
Fixed Kraken Text

Conquest as Kraken - fishing cabin upgrade bug

Playing via Steam and DirectX in Conquest mode as clan Kraken. There is a fishing cabin in the same territory as my town hall. When I upgrade the fishing cabin the ...
Suggested by: Sam (22 Aug) Upvoted: 22 Aug Comments: 0

Wyrd FSEvent(KrackenAttack)

Conquest as Kraken. Windows 10 x64. DirectX. When the Kraken relic is used to spawn a kraken attack, it correctly causes a feast and then also correctly provides +5 ...
Suggested by: David Keegan (08 Jul) Upvoted: 08 Jul Comments: 0
Dev Noted Kraken Text

Death Match - Clan of the Kraken

Clean of the Kraken has a big penalty going into the conquest mission 'Death Match', the Arena tile can't be entered by your units. This means you can't put the High ...
Suggested by: Adondra (03 May) Upvoted: 03 May Comments: 0
Dev Noted Conquest Kraken Ox

Polish translation (Kraken Clan)

When playing as Kraken Clan in description of Spectral Warrior ability "High-Tide" it say "Ograniczenia budowy i ataku klanu Szczura..." which translates to "Building ...
Suggested by: Natrezim (28 Apr) Upvoted: 28 Apr Comments: 0

Friendly Spectral Warrior Location Broken

When Kraken gets to 500 fame they can get friendly Spectral Warriors, and upon using the Mjölnir to kill enemies can sometimes result in a broken position. I used the ...
Suggested by: Asher (18 Mar) Upvoted: 18 Mar Comments: 0
Approved Kraken Unit

A stange Pop-Up with Valkyrie

Played on Conquest mode with Kraken's clan. Windows 10, Open GL. Select a Valkyrie unit and point hover a portal where Draugr appears.
Suggested by: Lyonsbanner (19 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 19 Nov, '22 Comments: 0
Fixed Kraken UI