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Play With Fire Achievement

Built the new Relic of the Holy Fire, but associated achievement did not unlock on Steam. Also the achievement description has typo, PlayWithFire with no proper spaces.
Suggested by: Rob (27 Apr) Upvoted: 08 May Comments: 6

[Lion Kingdom] Emissary Lodge

Emissary Lodge is unavailable for Lion Kingdom, but AI can build and use all types of rivalaries against player
Suggested by: Klioma28 (13 Feb) Upvoted: 15 Feb Comments: 1
Dev Noted AI Building Lion

Kingdom of Lion - farmers not working if farm updated near to the tile border

1 - Found it in solo play, but it`s building mechanic 2 - Windows 3 - DirectX 4 - Build foraging near to left border of the tile, upgrade it to farm, verify that ...
Suggested by: Dmytro (14 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 12 Jan Comments: 2
Investigating Building Lion

Unable to complete Lion Clan Conquest Final Mission

Hi, I am unable to complete the Lion clan conquest after the upgrade. In the last round where you have to kill Valdemar the Cursed, even after I kill the creature ...
Suggested by: Sumit (13 May) Upvoted: 27 May Comments: 1
Cannot Reproduce Conquest Lion

Faith production not increased in zone with Runestone

+4,5 Faith produced by three (healthy) Subjects in a zone with a Runestone, see screenshot. Should be 4,5 + 0,45 = +4,95 (+5,0). The +10% counted for Subjects the ...
Suggested by: YouDontKnowMax (21 Apr) Upvoted: today Comments: 1
Not a Bug Lion Unit

[Lion Kingdom] Double construction

Occasionally it happens that, if multiple workers construct a structure, that 2 structures of the same type will be constructed on top of another with the resource ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 1
Fixed Building Lion

[Lion Kingdom] structure placement issues

Almost all of the Lion Kingdom's structures suffer the issue that when they're selected and their placement marker (3d object selected) is moved close to the border ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Feb Comments: 1
Approved Building Lion

[Lion Kingdom] Farmstead

FP = Foraging Post Worker issue: Farmstead and FP use the same worker type despite different resources and structures; should have their own each Rest: 1) ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Feb Comments: 0
Fixed Building Lion

[Lion Kingdom] Offering Well

A captured and repaired Offering Well works to improve relations with surrounding neutrals by +0.5 when playing as the Lion Kingdom while the tooltip states that they ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Feb Comments: 0
Fixed Building Lion

Lord recruitable by everyone

If you colonize the land containing the building to recruit lords, you can recruit them with seemingly anyone. It says the building cant be used, but otherwise works ...
Suggested by: Mikmik505 (19 Jan) Upvoted: 19 Jan Comments: 1
Fixed Building Lion

Lion: Reliquary text inaccuracy, false debuff and buggy behaviour

Reliquary texts still say that reliquary monks produce more faith which was nerfed in the Trials of Odin. Also it has a building debuff of -95% to healing for all ...
Suggested by: Leenday (01 Jun) Upvoted: 01 Jun Comments: 0
Dev Noted Animation Lion Text Unit

Conquest Lion / The Cursed / Can't win

As title, even if i killed Valdemar The Cursed i'm unable to win and the game goes on. 1 - Conquest 2 - Windows 11 3 - Direct X 4 - Just play the conquest and ...
Suggested by: Klank (25 May) Upvoted: 25 May Comments: 0
Dev Noted Lion Relic

Abbey fame bug - "No Gods No Masters"

In Conquest mode on the map "No Gods No Masters" as Lion clan. Monks assigned to an Abbey do not generate any fame. Normally they would generate Fame as they ...
Suggested by: Marn (08 May) Upvoted: 08 May Comments: 0
Dev Noted Conquest Lion

Lion - Pathfinders refusing orders and standing still

Lion clan Pathfinders sometimes refuse orders and just stand still. It seems to happen more if they will have to cross enemy territory to get to where they are being ...
Suggested by: Marn (08 May) Upvoted: 08 May Comments: 0
Approved Lion Unit

Captured Lord Bug?

During the game, when the Dragon Clan managed to defeat and capture a Lord of mine, the fort of the lord couldn't recruit a new one as the fort considered the lord ...
Suggested by: AISynthia (01 May) Upvoted: 01 May Comments: 0
Fixed Dragon Lion

[Lion Kingdom] Altar of Kings

The Altar of Kings is usable by the Lion Kingdom by capturing it, repairing it and once it's repaired it grants its resource bonus of +1 food / wood / kröwns / faith ...
Suggested by: Hollow (31 Jan) Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 0
Dev Noted Building Lion

Kingdom of the Lion : NULL value as description of upraded production building

The production bonus given by the lion clan upgraded foraging post (Farmstead, Fishery or Venery) displayed "NULL". same thing can be see for other production ...
Suggested by: Sakurzasty (21 Jan) Upvoted: 21 Jan Comments: 0
Fixed Lion

Lion AI - AI has issues with hunger

The AI seems to have issues when having hunger or the units are freezing. It only sends his units back to the townhall (maybe to collect food when the lion clan ...
Suggested by: Pumpline (15 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 15 Dec, '22 Comments: 0
Dev Noted AI Lion

Visual Bugs with the Lion Kingdom

I found some visual bugs, especially for the building pictures in the tooltip in the bottom middle when you click on them. It happened in Singleplayer. Windows 10, ...
Suggested by: WilliamXVII. (14 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 14 Dec, '22 Comments: 0
Approved Building Lion